Hair Color Ideas For Women


    Hair Color Ideas For Women

Hair color is nowadays a booming trend option for people. They becoming more colorful in terms of hair color. In loreal, we have a different kind of color from black to red and red to blond.

Every shade has their value like if you talk about black shades till brown it is been used by the generation which above 50 of age. 

youth, they are covering from light brown to lightest blond in which nowadays companies are mixing tint of a different colour.

Tip: - want to know the reality of colour of the hair you have to watch in sunlight.

Whenever the sun’s ray lands on the hair it reveals the real color of the hair. If you think these professional hair  colors are harmful to hair by the way these are not harmful color.

Interesting fact there is a factory in the natural hairs which builds black colour comprising blue, red, yellow depending on the ratio of the sunlight exposure in that region.This factory is called Melanocyte.

We have bonds in hair a chain-like structure which is also categorized in three form that are written as follows :- 

1.) Shells 

2.) Core 

3.) Sulphate 

If you talk about Shells it is the most outer layer of the hair which is opened when shampoo is engaged in the hair it is processed because to do any type of the treatment in the hair.


Now if we talk about the Core is the middle layer of the hair in which when we do blow dry, ironing or use curling rod this bond is broke by heat and helps all the styling product or equipment to work with hair.

Sulphate is the hardest bond and the last layer of the bond in the hair. It is broken by formaldehyde or aldehyde chemical used in rebounding, smoothening or doing perming. and used to make the structure of the hair in the client manner. This chemical reacts by changing the colour of the hair in the nominal variation.


Conclusion: - Color change the fun to work with hair. I would recommend that any hair expert or color expert are having in playing with color. Solely this is my experience.


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