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Nowadays people are going for natural beauty therapy because their skin tones are not even anymore and this is going worse and worse day by day. I would recommend that nowadays people should go for facial and therapy with fruits and vegetable peels.

There are many therapies you can go with that are: -


Fruit Therapy: - This therapy is famous with a machine which extracts real-time fruit juice in your skin at the time of therapy. It also gives smooth and shines effect after 72 hours of doing the therapy. It was mostly done in salon and skin labs.


If you go out of India there is a big crazy trend in doing this therapy.

Vegetable therapy: - This is also a great thing to do within this we apply vegetable peels of bottle gourd, potato, carrot, cucumber.


If we talk about bottle gourd this is very useful skin glowing therapies going nowadays in this they mix lemon juice to activate more ingredients. potato is more likely having starch it is useful for cleaning deep skin dirty.


Tip:- Add limited amount of lemon to remove dirt and get exact skin tone .


It also contains clear juice which is very useful for the upper layer of skin. carrot contains vitamin A which is very useful skin which is either in deep skin or upper layer skin.

I would recommend with my personal experience that carrot peels are very important to rub on skin and create juice in that juice there is vitamin A, vitamin D.


A cucumber is also a good option and nice ingredients for skin because it creates a juice in which aids acne-prone skin, Soothes irritation, Provides a base for hydration Helps combat premature ageing.


There is a machine in which in such beauty boutiques in which a person can go and sit after the regular interval they can get an effect on their skin.


If we talk about detox session they are more or less same for the skin also. It gives you natural glow by going for walk and getting skin detox therapy. I would also recommend somebody if they can for skin detox therapy by natural fruit and vegetable peels.


Tips:- Any skin therapist which is best in taking your skin for detox session and gets your skin away from dirty and impurities.


This blog solely on my experiment.



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